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Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies help paint a picture of the future.

Feasibility studies are crucial tools in helping clients, particularly hospitals, model potential financial impacts of significant decisions such as major capital projects and service line additions.

DZA feasibility studies
Feasibility studies for hospitals

DZA conducts three main types of feasibility studies:

  1. For a financing source: when an organization applies for financing, the bank or other financing source often requires a feasibility study. Based on anticipated revenue and expenses, DZA creates forecasted financial statements to help determine whether the project appears to be financially viable.
  2. To determine financial viability: when an organization’s management wants to model the financial impact of potential major projects, DZA creates forecasted financial statements to help determine if the new venture could be financially successful.
  3. In specific circumstances like states that require a Certificate of Need before a new facility can be built in a specific geographic area.

Team Leader:

Luke Zarecor, CPA

Team Leader:

Joe Lodge, CPA

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