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Financial Statements

Financial Statements: Audit, Review, Compilation

Financial statements provide the fundamental basis for evaluation stakeholders use when assessing the financial state of your organization. We provide reports based on three different levels of detailed review of your financial statements: audits, reviews, and compilations. We can assist in deciding the appropriate level of service to ensure you, and your stakeholders, get exactly what you need.

Quality Assurance

We perform each engagement with integrity, expertise, and responsiveness to ensure high-quality products are delivered to clients. Each product we generate goes through a multitude of reviews and revisions, thereby ensuring clients are provided quality products. Our quality controls include professional education, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) peer review program, and the Centers membership.

DZA provides an annual audit presentation, including a financial indicators report, to management and the Board of Directors. This allows you to visually understand historical trends and current comparisons.

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Team Leader:

Tom Dingus, CPA

Team Leader:

Luke Zarecor, CPA